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Destination Wedding France Dynamic Stills

One beautiful Destination Wedding in France and our first Dynamic Stills Wedding clip.

We did it !That day has finally come:  simultaneously photographing and filming a wedding!

Thanks to my great buddies Eva & Daniël I could laser focus on photograph and film all at once, yes it was pretty scary and excited! This was exactly what I needed, doing something new and I found my guest: Making the best memories  from a wedding for my couples! This wedding was last summer in France Cannes the perfect way to start with my new and unique way to approach a wedding. I will still photograph a wedding but will add more and more audio and video in it. We hope to have a beautiful renewal of vows clip ready by the end of this month! This will bring everything to a new level specially for me 😉


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  • Jerzy

    So much happiness in your photography:)

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